Friday, November 26, 2010

The Greek Fisherman.

I really try to cook after work as often as possible for many reasons, health, I really feel like something particular after cooking all day, I want to use up groceries I have purchased and of course its time for my boyfriend and myself to sit, chat and relax after crazy days at work however there are times when I just dont want to and on those days he takes me out somewhere, normally somewhere we have been before and we go for the same things we like to eat from different places like at Bacini`s I cant resist the Valentino pizza topped with loads of Parma ham and rocket!! This time we needed to go to the shops so we went to the Greek fisherman for something different or so we had hoped.

You walk in and the staff are friendly and welcoming, even though they were expecting a large function we were still seated but warned we would not be able to stay for long which was ok as we needed to do something.
The Decor is totally unGreek in my opinion it looks like any other place, look at the menu and there are very few greek things, no spanakopita, no filled pita, its more like any grill house menu with a few greek items in between.
So I had the mussels and scallops to start and my boyfriend the Greek dip platter they were both fine but not amazing and tasty like Greek food actually is.
For Main I had the Souvlaki and He had the Moussaka, Mine was very lacking, two tough, unimaginitive, plain Kebabs with tomato salsa and Tzatziki with two Roast Potatoes for R145 was a big time rip off and very average in flavour once again, the mousakka also a big let down and way over priced, we had one bottle of water with this and the bill was R450.
I dont think....actually I know we wont go back there again, leave it for the tourists who can afford having bad Greek Food in Africa,

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sounds like they're severely lacking in the menu dept. It always astounds me that a restaurant can get away with mediocre food..i mean..afterall thats ALL that they're meant to get right?! not so? disappointing, we'll def not go there either, thanks for the tip!