Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dorp Street Deli and Bramptons Wine Studio

I have not really been out in Stellenbosch since I was in my twenties when I would go to The Garage in the Nielsie for some wild student parties. I now have a few friends who stay out there and they invited me to dinner in Stellies, I must admit I had flashbacks of sambucca shooters and crazy beer specials however this night out was a lot more "civilized".

We started out at a little bar called Brampton's, small but vibey and intimate where we sipped on some of the Brampton sparkling wine. They call themselves a wine studio and are only open until 8pm so go for pre drinks or post work drinks and try their own affordable brand.

Our dinner destination was Dorp Street Deli, it turns out I have worked previously with both owners Louise and Piet. It's also small and vibey like Bramptons, just the look I love, lots of wood and brick, great lighting giving a welcoming feel.

Piet the chef / owner is always behind the counter cooking all the dishes on the menu. We ended up not looking at the menu and letting Piet send us any dishes he wished so I can't really tell you what items were on the menu and their prices but it was tapas style food.

First we tasted a great assortment of breads, lavash and breadsticks with olives, eggplant caviar and feta. As we ate more dishes arrived, rustic Caprese salad tossed in pesto, meatballs in a tomato and basil sauce with parmesan and slightly spiced prawns in a garlicky butter.

For dessert we had a plate of chocolate truffles, hot chocolate pudding, an apple filled croissant (not sure what it was called) and a bowl of ice cream.

I'm not sure if it was the wine, food or great company that made me forget to take more pictures but we all enjoyed and would all go back. The total bill per person came to R140pp including tip, wine, food and a shot of tequila... of course we in Stellies!

I can't find the number but will update my blog as soon as I get it, find the deli in Dorp street Stellenbosch

Pictures and article copyright By Tamsyn Wells


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