Thursday, May 16, 2013

Takumi Restaurant

Takumi is a sushi restaurant just off Kloof street in Gardens owned by Hatsushiro Muraoka or Papa San a real sushi master, you will also remember him from the "Where's Douglas Green" advert from a few years back.

This sushi restaurant has totally become my new favorite, it is vibey and buzzing compared to other sushi restaurants which are almost zen like. Papa San himself welcomes you at the door and just seeing him transports you back to a memory some time ago watching his advert over and over again, he won our hearts then and will do so again when you step through the doors to his Restaurant.

The decor is very minimalistic but with a warm, comfortable feel with very helpful staff who assist with making menu choices, pointing out the favorites. There is a fire place inside which is great for winter just FYI . It is best to share dishes at Takumi as the portions are big and you will get to try more so the bigger the group the better.

We started with the Agedashi Tofu which is fried Tofu with Tentsuyu sauce, bonito flakes and daikon, I don't generally like tofu but this dish I love and would happily eat just this with sticky rice.

Next was the sweet kiss roll, salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber and sweet chilli mayonnaise, topped with tempura shrimp. It is served in the most beautiful wooden boat with the juicy prawns perched on top.

Takumi Tuna, tuna, avocado, cucumber, wasabi mayonnaise and is wrapped in more tuna. Really fresh, bright red tuna and light rice, just perfect.

Original Special, salmon, avocado and tuna,  tempura fried. This one has no rice but still has a great rich flavour and the tempura adds texture.

 Perfectly made, we each ordered two dishes and it was just the right amount, although I probably ate most of this, at the end we were both full. The bill came to R450 with 4 beers . We had a great night, good service and will be back soon, even if it is just to hang with Papa San.

Takumi Restaurant
3 Park Road, Gardens
Tel: 021- 4248879
Open for lunch Tuesday - Friday and dinner Tuesday - Saturday
There is also a take away menu

Pictures and article copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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