Thursday, August 8, 2013

National Braai Team to be chosen

Recently Borries won the Bring and Braai competition on KykNET together with DSTV. He is joining up with BraaiBoy to head up the SA team when they go off to USA to represent us in the International Braai Competition in Lynchburg Tennessee.

Well my thoughts are definitely typical South African and what's up with the Superhero suit but I must admit I have watched some American Tailgate Braai competitions on DSTV and they go all out themselves, Guy Fieri with his blond Spikes hyping the crowd up to a smoke house frenzy of Pulled pork and BBQ Briskets.

The guy on the left AKA "BraaiBoy" has a Guinness World record behind his name for holding the worlds longest Continuous Braai and has documented, online his own challenge to Braai everyday since the 17th April 2009!! I do believe he is qualified for this competition. He is Co - Captain with Borries and together they have mastered the Smokey Mountain Weber.

They will be a team of eight with a few spaces left to fill they will pick them from cook offs held at Chesanyama Stores  during the month of August, the top three contestants of each region will go into a final with the winner joining the SA Team. I wish them the best of luck as they will need to prepare an American Style BBQ with smoked cuts like ribs, brisket and pork.

Click the Chesanyama link here for venues and dates if you would like to enter the Braai offs and join Borries and BraaiBoy show the world that South Africans really can Braai even if we dress funny.

Follow them on their Facebook Page here.

Article Copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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BraaiBoy said...

Thanks for the kind words... we hope to make everyone proud here back home.