Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kenwood Titanium Major

This is my new, much awaited kitchen gadget and with a name like Titanium Major  you just know its going to be good.
I have been using my Granny's old Magimix type food processor for the last 5 years which my mother kindly kept for me, it's unfortunately no longer strong enough to beat dough or butter and sometimes does not lock properly so my boyfriend offered to buy a new one for my birthday. I was going to get the new version Magimix when I saw this Kenwood gleaming at me from the huge box on the shelf and I could not resist. I chose this because you can buy any attachment your heart desires to attach to this one machine which was the main selling point as my kitchen space has pretty much been maxed out, I bought a juicer, pasta machine, macaroni maker and a food processor attachment but there are many, many more to choose from like spice mills, slicers, graters, coffee / herb mill, ice cream machine, flour mill and mashers that I can remember, all Kenwood mixers parts fit into each other even if they are 40 years old and the parts of this machine are made really well and solid.
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