Saturday, August 6, 2011

& Union Beer Salon

& Union

They call themselves a Beer Salon / Charcuterie and this is what you get when you visit & Union, the best "in my opinion" Craft beer in town along with the best of everything else, food, coffee and wine.
You can find & Union on Bree St under the church in Heritage Square, there is plenty of parking outside which is an important factor for me who loathes going in search of vacant spaces.
The look is very masculine and simplistic, only the necessary with hardly any decor unless its functional, this is what I love about this place, what you see is what you get and everything they serve speaks for itself.

I have been there a few times and am now completely addicted to their food and every time somebody wants to go out for a bite I choose to go there to satisfy my craving for pretty much anything on their menu but my weakness is their Prego Rolls, both the Pork and Beef Prego's are delicious perfection, from the bread that holds the lightly smokey meat straight from the braai to the accompaniments served along side of lightly dressed rocket and watercress salad , super hot chilli sambal and crisps, making my mouth water just writing this post. They also do a great Pulled pork, slightly spicy and juicy accompanied with a dill pickle and Germanic styled Wursts, meat and cheese platters.

I never really heard about craft beer until & Union opened and now its all I hear, having tried many different varieties at the Real Beer Festival the & Union Weiss beer is still my favorite followed closely by their new addition Versus Goliath. They charge a fairly hefty R40 per beer but they have plenty of specials like the bucket 'o love at 3 for R100 and the lunch special, a sandwich, beer and Organic coffee for R95 or go on Wednesdays for their Real music night with live bands.

I highly recommend this place, you are bound to run into a few bloggers and musicians along with great vibe and excellent service its definitely worth the price.
P.S. add some chips and rocket salad to your Prego like I do in the picture above, the rocket adds some peppery flavour and the crisps, loads of crunch.

110 Bree Street
Cape Town

021- 422 2770

Review and Pictures Copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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