Friday, October 7, 2011

China Town

I visited China Town yesterday, the newer one behind Canal Walk, interested to see if there would be some good bargains or interesting goodies that can only be found there however I was a bit disappointed to see that there are loads of little shops there but they all pretty much stock the same items, there are a few which stock a mix of the items in the picture above, a few that do clothes and a few that do food but all stocking the same with a few variations. This means you have to scour through all the shops in the hope of a few hidden goodies suited to you.

I wish they had dedicated shops for different goods like a hardware store, grocery, clothing, shoes etc but when you in the mood it's fun to look at all the "junk" they have to sell.

I was hoping, as it was lunchtime that there would be some cooked food stalls like springrolls or stir fries on offer to take to go but there was only one or two restaurants offering chinese foods. I bought a packet of Simba chips for R3, a delicious coconut water in a can for R8 ( this I will go back for), I bought a little sewing kit with 16 different coloured threads as I only have one colour to fix buttons and hems which was maybe R10, I will go back to the food store for the Shaoxing wine as this I see in a lot of asian recipes, there was also rice wine and lovely frozen Dim Sum which I have had before.

Its worth a walk around even if you only visit the bottom floor like I did.

China Town
Sable Square mall, Muir St
Open 9pm - 5pm 7 days a week

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