Friday, August 24, 2012

Zara opened in Cape Town

I don't really post about fashion ever as my style is pretty set but I do love browsing around shops checking out the new trends, especially overseas where the trends begin. One of the most popular stores in Europe is Zara and it has finally come to South Africa, well Cape Town in particular on the 17th August.

The reason Zara does so well is because when a new trend launches on the catwalk, Zara is able to produce and launch the trend in record time and come in at an affordable price therefore selling out on the trend before any other shops get it, staying one step ahead.

I was very interested to see if the store will still fall into the affordable price range here or follow in Diesel's overpriced footsteps, happily it does with the few items I checked being a shirt for R300, shoes for R400 and scarves for R150 which is all fair and I would say similar to Country road. Another criteria to check was weather the items stocked here are as current as overseas and this too was spot on. I have recently been in a few Zara stores in Turkey and they stocked the same items as well as the same prices for the stock once converted into rands. The trends I noticed overseas were colour, corals, brights and lace all of which are seen beautifully draping from the racks.

I will definitely visit the store again, their clothing always makes you feel so lady like, feminine and their clothes are comfortable too. The shop is glitzy and shining and found on the lower level where CNA used to be. It was humming with happy women rushing around almost as if everything is on sale.
Happy shopping.

Pictures and article copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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