Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have been wanting to visit Clarke's  since they opened but never seemed to get the opportunity even though I always put the idea forward to go, we ended up putting it off. Finally this Saturday was the day, by chance bumping into friends I found myself entering this diner style bar on the trendy Bree street.

I have drooled over the Diner, drive in's and dives show plenty of times wishing I could try some of the hamburgers and subs they make with such extravagance, Clarke's is based on the meals you could find in an American diner but much cleaner, fresher, more upmarket and modern.

The interior is simple, mostly black and white with fresh green leafy pot plants adding colour, always buzzing with with the Cape Town trendies, even Danny K was sitting at the table next to us with his wife.

The menu is broken up into different times , breakfast 8am, sandwiches 11am, brunch 11am and in the evening is only burgers, chips and other sides, plenty of variety in the day and I have already decided what to try next. The service is a bit slow and sloppy which happens when anybody serves any table at any time causing confusion as to what's already been asked.

I ordered the burger without cheese, with chips and aioli about R67.00 which going back to the waitress, when I asked if it was the one without cheese the waitress proceeded to open my burger with her hand to check if it was the right one, this is pretty unacceptable but on a great note the burger is absolutely delicious, the patty is from Bill Riley but it's the roll that puts this ahead of the rest, its almost flaky like a pastry, similar to a brioche, buttery and rich, add the tangy pickles and you will find yourself craving another bite. The chips were a bit too oily and tasteless but the pickled beans side is a great vegetable to replace the chips.

I will definitely go back, great vibe, fun company and an addictive burger and pickles.
find Clarke's on 133 Bree Street, 021 4247648.

Article and picture's copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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