Friday, January 4, 2013


I have been hesitant to visit Mzoli's for a while now hearing mixed reviews, it's safe, it's not safe, it's amazing... I have still always been inquisitive to try it. The opportunity arose to join my staff on a outing and I jumped at the chance to experience the township in Cape Town.

Mzoli's or better known as Mzoli's Meat or Mzoli's Butcher is a butchery in Guguletu where you choose your meat and the Mzoli staff braai (BBQ) it for you and serve it up with a choice of sides.

There was a variety of lamb, chicken or pork mostly chops and sausage but there may be more on offer on other occasions.

Once you have chosen your meat by weight it is taken to the braai (BBQ) area where they baste and flame it to perfection somehow keeping track of who ordered what.

So while you await your feast you go next door to the very big lapa style area and start the party. You may take your own alcohol inside or buy it there as well as any other foods you like, we took crisps, alcohol, ice, coldrinks and beers, everything is acceptable.. I think.

The food took about an hour so while you wait there are Dj's playing great vibey music, dancing and chatting to the locals.

The food was really tasty, lamb chops and sausage with my favorite Mielie pap, Samp and Chakalaka, so good I could go back just for bowls full of Pap and sauce.

We all had a great time, I highly recommend everybody visit Mzoli's, we caught taxi's there and back and all wished we had taken doggie bags the next day for breakfast. We spent about R50 per person and there was over enough for everybody to eat until you burst and then dance it all off later.

They say the best day to go is on Sunday's from 11am.
Find them at: NY115, shop 3, Guguletu, Cape Town
Tel: 021 6381355

Pictures and article Copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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