Wednesday, January 2, 2013

V&A Market on the Warf

This great market opened in December in the Waterfront and is situated where the old Musica Mega Store used to be near the Aquarium.

I had the pleasure of eating what has been labelled the best burger in town which you can find at the Bite Me stand on the second floor of the market and boy when you see it you really do want to Bite into it!

I was drawn to this stand after drinking a few Weiss Beers at the bar, firstly for it's eye catching appeal and secondly the aroma of the Burgers, Panini's and Prego's grilling while sipping on my beer. I went out in search of the grill and found the stall responsible for my growling stomach and i'm so glad I did.

For between R50 - R60 you bite into this juicy, tangy garlicky burger in a ciabatta roll topped with lettuce, tomato, tzatziki and an addictive basting sauce. There are a few different options including, cheese, feta spreads, caramelized onions, fried eggs and bacon. For a manly hunger go for the Morning Glory which pretty much has all the above mentioned on it.

My other new favorite thing is the Bubble Tea, a new franchise to hit Cape Town which is a choice of different combinations of powdered tea's with floating caviar type balls , served in a special sealed cup which allows for a flavour bursting sip of cold tea.

 I chose Hazelnut Oolong with Blueberry Bubbles and also went home with a huge tub of chilli marinated olives from the olives and tapenade stall.

Visit the bar for great Local beer's both on tap and by the bottle and grab the chance to hang out with all the vendor's creating a friendly family vibe.

Some of the other stalls are an Oyster bar, coffee bar, interesting funnel cakes which i'm going to buy next time I have a sweet tooth, the creamery Ice Cream, gourmet sandwiches, Indian curries, a deli, a biscuit bar where you can pimp your own biscuit, fresh fish, sushi and a vegetarian Asian stand, all of which I could remember. Pretty much anything your heart desires.

I would choose to eat here over any other place in the waterfront, all home -made with care and attention to detail as well as very affordable as a take home dinner/lunch instead of cooking.

Tweet Bite Me Burgers @bitemeburgers or get them on facebook Here .
Have your own bar for your Party : Keg King, Martin Tucker 0834106010
Buy Fresh fish from Ryan Nienaber from Green Fish 0721104709.

Market is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 09:30 to 19:30

Picture's and article Copyright By Tamsyn Wells

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Colleen said...

Excellent write up. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to visiting there some time soon. Happy New Year Tamsyn xx