Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's a House

Create, share and connect is the main aim of this creative new concept in Green Point Cape Town. I went a few nights ago to watch a band called Al Bairre.

When you walk into It's a house you feel welcome as if it really is somebody's home, there is a large circular bar in the centre where everybody gathers with old and new decor scattered around the interior making for a very interesting place to look at.

Each night is different at this venue you will have movie nights both good and bad, band nights, comedy and much more or you can hang out during the day and rent a cubicle filled with everything you need in an office and mingle and share ideas with the other creatives.

There is a small Cafe to the one side where you can even get eggs on toast all day for just R10 as well as other sandwiches, burgers, smoothies and juices etc.

Al Bairre rocked "the house" literally, they had everyone jumping around to the catchy sounds, I will definitely go back and will try their food next time.

It's a House
Tel: 021-4182411

Picture's and article copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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