Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wagyu Beef Burgers

Wagyu is maybe not a new thing in South Africa, I remember a bit of hype when Gordon Ramsay had it on the menu at One and Only Hotel for about R450 per 100g but it is basically a type of cattle from Japan which genetically has more fat marbling than our Beef. It is also known as "Kobe Style" and the farmers often feed the cows beer or sake and massage them, the beer being used to make them hungry  and the massage to keep their muscles from tightening, regarded as a national treasure in Japan where only the emperor would eat it. Wagyu beef has been labelled as the most juicy, tender and tastiest in the world. So when Carol came in to bring us samples of their Wagyu Burger Patties we all went crazy and bought a kilo each.

So Woodview has made a cross between our Angus beef and Wagyu which they supply to certain restaurants and hotels, the offcuts are made into these delicious burger patties which are available at a few burger joints in Cape Town, Royale is one of them and I have also seen them available at Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants. 

They are best cooked from room temperature so the fat can render down while cooking and they suggest a soft roll with little accompaniments so you can taste the meat. It is quite alarming how much fat comes off while cooking but it is omega 3 and 6 so just enjoy the flavour all the fat is imparting on the burger. It really is tastier and juicier than any other burger I have ever tasted and I would definitely buy th

You can reach Carol Grassman on 021- 5574740 or 0716433631

Pictures and article Copyright by Tamsyn Wells


Country Gourmet Traveler said...

I love Wagyu, or is fat, it is tasty, just amazing. Great burgers you do, miss eating Wagyu burgers

Olivia's Kitchen said...

Thanks, once you go Wagyu you cant go back!!