Monday, April 21, 2014

Tashas V and A Waterfront

This past Saturday was the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, I was not going to do it but after receiving an entry via their lucky draw I figured fate wanted me to. I suffered through most of it but completed in time and received my medal.

We woke up at 4am, I ate a coconut chia seed breakfast and a banana and fueled along the race with copious amounts of sugar in the form of Gu, Powerade and Coke. On completion, after the best shower ever, we went for breakfast to drink Champagne, celebrate and eat something... Salty.

I read about Tashas ages ago before she got her spot in the Waterfront and have always wanted to try it so we decided it was a good place for our celebration it being an anniversary and for the marathon we had completed, being my first, we totally needed to toast the moment.

They don't take bookings so there was a waiting list when we got there but were seated pretty quickly and were at a door so we had a view of the ocean. It is really beautiful inside, clean, airy, minimal and sleek with a cake table catching your eye, planning your after meal treat before you sit.

In my ravenous state I forgot to take pictures of our meals but they were well sized hearty portions, I had chicken schnitzel on ciabatta with an avocado and french dressing salsa and my friend had bacon rosti with a forestiere sauce of mushroom with poached egg. There were lots of delicious meals passing us all looked of a high quality which is why it has become a well known brand. None of us had any dessert but all said we would be back soon.

Our meals were all R80 which is quite high for breakfast but fair for lunch, the menu is large and will cater to all tastes, we had a great time and well done to all my friends who completed the two Oceans until next year.

Shop 7117 V and A Waterfront
Cape Town
Tel: 021-4214350

Pictures and article copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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