Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black Tonics

My new favorite summer drink is a Black Tonic or Cafe' Tonic, basically a mix of tonic water and espresso.

This new trendy drink is appearing on menu's in New York, Berlin and Tokyo, possibly sounds a bit weird but I figured I would try it, the slight bitter tonic flavour is totally complemented by the similar bitterness from the coffee.

I used one tin of Schweppes Tonic water and a Caffeluxe coffee pod, the trending cities mentioned above however say they get the highest quality tonic and coffee for the best result so my next one will be with another brand but the Schweppes one is a good start.

This drink must be poured carefully otherwise you end up with a bubbly mess. I placed the tonic in a glass with some ice. Brew your shot (I used a single shot) of espresso, tip your glass and pour it slowly over the tonic. The drink should separate creating a foamy top similar to a Cappuccino.
After your first one you will be hooked :)

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