Saturday, December 27, 2014

Downtown Ramen

I visited our first official Ramen Bar in Cape Town the other day and was pleasantly surprised, situated in Harrington street, filled with a hip crowd the Ramen lived up to those I have tried in Hong Kong.

The menu is small but has all you need really, its a Ramen bar and they have Ramen. A chalkboard menu with starters and mains, a vegetarian or meat option for both. A small place with communal tables.

I suggest a Bao to start which is a soft steam bun with a filling of either beef, pork or eggplant, the beef was sold out so we went with the pork buns, soft and light we loaded ours with the Asian version of tomato sauce,  Siratcha a spicy chilli and garlic condiment.

Watching everybody slurping up their Ramen we were excited when ours was placed in front of us, a heavy beautiful deep black bowl with a lid and a huge wooden spoon for slurping. We quickly opened our steamy lids and an amazing site awaits, a bowl full  of broth, pork, noodles, seeds, sprouts, egg, chilli and spring onion making every mouthful a different taste, pretty as a picture.

All I could say was maybe in Hong Kong the broth was a little richer or deeper flavoured but it was really nice on a summer night to have a slightly lighter version, go for the added egg and chilliwhen the waiter asks.

I will be back soon, great food and great vibe and great music, will slurp noodles to Wu Tang Clan in sunny Cape Town any day.

Downtown Ramen
103 Harrington Street, Cape Town (entrance inside Left'y)

Pictures and article Copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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