Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Masala Dosa

I went out for Indian Food recently and although our meal was divine, it was really rich, heavy and took days to digest. Later that week a friend asked us to meet him for dinner at yet another Indian Restaurant, I must confess I was still digesting the heavy meal from a few days earlier and was dreading yet another spicy, sluggish week ahead. Upon entering Masala Dosa my mind changed completely and I was eager to try it out.

Masala Dosa is a refreshing white, crisp, light and fresh looking restaurant with a few ornaments and decor giving it a youthful Indian vibe.

Masala Dosa http://www.masaladosa.co.za/ is named after a dish on it's menu. A Dosa is a crispy rice and lentil pancake from South India normally eaten for breakfast. I decided to have this dish which comes with a chicken and butternut curry, Lamb Curry or a Vegetarian Potato and Chickpea version which is actually the traditional filling. It is accompanied by a chutney of your choice and a lentil soup or broth called a Sambar.

I chose the chicken curry with coriander chutney which was absolutely heavenly. It is eaten by tearing off pieces of the pancake, filling it with the curry which is light and full of flavour, topping it with the chutney, dipping it in the soup and then filling your mouth with all those textures and flavours. My meal was so addictive that when the attentive Owner / waiter offered us a Crispy Dosa for dessert filled with gooey chocolate accompanied by a sweetened coconut chutney, we definitely could not resist, this too was just the perfect ending to our meal where I am normally disappointed by desserts in restaurants.

The menu is very suitable for wheat and dairy intolerant people as the Dosa uses no wheat flour, they are fat free and loaded with protein, the curries are also made lighter by using less garlic and dairy.

Our meal came to R150 per person, we shared a starter called Aloo Tikki which are Spiced Potato dumplings with a tomato chutney, our main course was Dosa's, we shared a chocolate Dosa for dessert, a bottle of water and a bottle of wine with the bill coming to R450 for 3 including a tip. I will definitely go back soon!

167 Long Street
Cape Town

021 424-6772

Review Copyright by Tamsyn Wells.


Kristy said...

Nice review, really enjoyed reading it -- I'm hungry now. The masala dosa sounds too divine! Definitely going to give Masala Dosa a try

Olivia's Kitchen said...

Thank you, I recommend a 2 or 3 course meal as the portions are not very big.