Friday, September 23, 2011

Black Lava Salt

I was invited for dinner the other day and the host's had this great salt on the table as a condiment called Black Lava Salt, it comes from a small island in Hawaii where there is no sewage runoff and the mineral balance of the ocean water is completely unpolluted. The salt is hand collected and infused in a bath of activated charcoal. This method gives the salt a unique, mild mineral flavour which is both lightly smokey and earthy.

It is said that the charcoal is a very good detoxifier, digestive aid and contains electrolytes. It's mild flavour will go with any dish but it is not used in the cooking process as it will just dissolve and the charcoal benefits will sink in the dish so its best sprinkled on after cooking.

I found the salt at Giovanni's Deli and I tried it with my home roasted red peppers in parsley olive oil and fresh bread however it will be great on a baked potato with sour cream, carpaccio's, caprese salads and meat, fish or chicken but mostly it will look great on the rim of a big glass of Margarita.

Giovanni's Deliworld
103 Main road,  Green Point
Cape Town
021 4346893

Picture and article copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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