Thursday, December 8, 2011

I love real juices

I fell in love with the juicer when we purchased one at work and I made myself juices more often than I made for guests. Due to lack of space in the kitchen my boyfriend bought me the Kenwood Titanium Major and I bought all the attachments which I needed one of which was the juicer.
As we all know we need to eat 6-8 portions of fruit and vegetables per day for optimal health and some of these vitamins needed are destroyed in heating and cooking.

Above are the ingredients to one of my favorite juices however if you are overweight, have high cholesterol or diabetes it will be best to do more leafy green vegetables and less fruits. juicing is also great for people with digestive problems as more nutrients will be absorbed as it it pre digested already. these drinks are in your blood stream within 30 minutes of drinking and will up your immune system and boost the body's cleansing systems. It is best to drink these within 20 minutes of making them to get the optimal nutrients from it but it is still better than bought juice and will be fine drunk the same day.

Green juices are the best for you as they contain chlorophyll which detoxifies your body, detox the liver, rebuild blood cells and even remove cancer cells. These are cucumber, sprouts, celery, spinach, broccoli, cabbage and parley.

I have the flu at the moment so I wanted more vitamin C so I made a predominantly fruit juice, the oranges for vitamin C, apples for antioxidants, carrots are antioxidant, antiseptic and vitamin A, celery contains vitamin A and B as well as amino acids and is an alkaliser.

Its really easy you only need peel thick skinned ingredients otherwise just wash everything and cut to fit your feeding tube.

Recipe and pictures copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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