Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Food of Vietnam Part 1: Breakfast

Vietnam has always been high on my list of want to go to destinations so when my friends started planning a trip I did not even think twice about joining them. My dream to go there started after watching Anthony Bourdain and The Top Gear team filming shows there, the beauty, hustle and bustle of the place was always in my mind.

Asian food has always been my favorite, fresh crisp and always tasty but I had only ever had a South African version of their foods, I was amazed at the food I at on my travels possibly some of the very best meals I have ever had in my life so to try capture the memory and tastes still lingering, here are some of the delicious things I was lucky enough to try on my holiday in Vietnam, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Starting with breakfast, their main dishes were Congee which is a rice porridge, I never really ate this as  it made me too full and I then had no space for all the other items available, their most popular being Pho their National soup, rice noodles in a light broth served with condiments on the side which you add to your liking, chilli, lime, soya sauce, bean sprouts, thai basil and spring onion, light and fresh I could eat this every morning myself.

My absolute favorite was the huge variety of dim sum, with a huge smile on my face I always headed straight for the dim sum station dipped in their chilli tomato sauce and soy sauce.

Steam buns filled with BBQ pork, the softest I have ever had, a huge variety of sushi and shrimp dishes, I will miss this the most.

Always a large variety of fruits on offer, dragon fruit, passion fruit, pineapple, watermelon and a few different ones, durian and jack fruit, I always ended my breakfast at the fruit station.

Hot dishes consisted of a noodle stir fry, sticky rice, pork dishes, omelette station, rosti's, fish dishes and vegetarian items similar to chickpea fritters but made with other beans.

Their quality of pastries is also vary high, very light and flakey filled with a not too sweet red bean paste which I hope to find here in Cape Town or nuts as well as freshly squeezed juices, the most thirst quenching watermelon, carrot and pineapple juice.

A great start to each morning, I can't believe after all this I still I still went on to eat lunch, dinner, street food and sometimes dessert... but I did! part 2 to follow, Lunch and Dinner.

Pictures and article copyright by Tamsyn Wells

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