Thursday, July 11, 2013

Food of Vietnam Part 2: Lunch and Dinner

So in the previous post you saw the large amounts of food we ate at breakfast time because it was so good but alas after walking around, catching trains and admiring the sites and Palace's we are hungry again, sometimes eating street food and other times taking trip advisor's advice on restaurant choices.
Here is some of the restaurant food we had.
This is the Early Bird Cafe in Hoian.

Pork springrolls, stir fried vegetables, beef and bean stir fry and something we had with every meal was morning glory a sea spinach similar to asparagus and spinach.

We then visited Halong Bay which means Descending Dragon bay which was absolutely the most beautiful part of our trip with possibly the best food served from a tiny kitchen on the boat, I suggest everybody goes to Halong Bay on Oriental Sails.


Juicy stuffed crab and my favorite Green Papaya salad with Asian dressing.

Stir fried Squid which they taught us how to catch, Tomato tofu, perfectly cut tomato and cucumber salad.

Springrolls and shrimp beautifully presented with the captain showing us how it's done.

Stir fried Pork and apple slices for dessert.

We then went on Trip Advisor's suggestion to Y Tao Garden, this menu for 8 items came to about R60 per person and once again I was amazed at the work and tastes. A vegetarian soup and a crispy shrimp filled pancake.

Pork springrolls, an amazing fish and peanut mixture with prawn crackers, lotus seed rice with crispy duck and condiments.

We ended off with this flower creation which is actually sweet bean paste dipped in a type of jelly with a crazy texture and a flavour similar to marzipan  but much better.

Our last stop in Vietnam was Ho Chi Min City or Saigon, arriving in the early hours of the morning, not able to check into our hotel we went off to a franchise called Pho 24 and all tucked into this Pho their traditional soup, I had a fully loaded one with beef flank, meatballs and brisket, noodles and condiments, so good after travelling by train over night.
Keep following for part 3, street food.

Pictures and article copyright by Tamsyn Wells.

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